Soundsations Music has entertained at
hundreds of events in and around the
Edmonton area over the past 17 plus years.
Our aim is always to leave your guests saying
“Wow, what a great party. The music was
terrific!”. This probably explains why the
majority of our business comes from guests
that have attended an event we've
performed at.

Being a great DJ isn't rocket science, but like
any line of work it takes a lot of experience
to get good at the little things. And the little
things can make a big difference. Little things
like taking the time to make sure our set-up
looks as great and professional as the rest of
your event. Little things like keeping an eye on the people in the crowd trying to visit and
making sure the volume of the music isn’t
disturbing them.Things like remembering it’s
been a while since you played something your grandparents will dance to, and putting out a dedication to them; or just having the
experience to be able to instantly think of a
dozen songs that will work with your guests
based on the requests being made.

Soundsations is dedicated to providing a high
class, customized service. We understand that
although we may be performing at a wedding
almost every weekend, your wedding is a once
in a life time event that you’ve planned for
months or even years. That’s why we work
with you to make sure the music at your event
is perfect. You will be able to meet with your
DJ to make sure everything is tailor made for
your event.

We really love our job and it shows. It’s a great feeling to see people having the time of their lives on the dance floor to the music we
provide. We live to hear the shouts of “oh, I
love this song, let’s dance!” We would love to
play a part in making your next event a